Family and Supporters, 

I hope everyone has had a good week! I apologize for not writing as often as I would like but I am so thankful to be here in Guatemala and am so amazed by God’s grace in growing and teaching the team and I. Before I arrived here at the end of January, I had been praying for God to make us like the church of Acts. While praying this I was not really convinced this prayer would or could happen but in being here I have been amazed. The team and I have been immensely blessed to have had intensive training on how to be a disciple who makes disciples both in the US before we arrived  and here in Guatemala. I am also so thankful to have had the leaders of this training come and aid us in understanding and implementing this training here in Guatemala. This training is centered around how Christ himself made disciples and the examples he left in his living word of how we should do the same. All of that to say, when I arrived, implementing training was in high gear for us to learn, understand and act upon. 

We were taught training materials and tools to use to disciple other believers and have been entrusted time each week to implement these tools through the Harvest time.

Harvest time is our weekly focus. This is our designated time of going into the community  praying, evangelising and discipling believers. When I arrived, I started going to Heidy’s house with a couple teammates. Heidy had just received the gospel and they were speaking to her about the command to be baptized. It was difficult to explain baptism primarily because of our spanish level and because the community we are located in is primarily Catholic. But by God’s grace he allowed her to understand through broken spanish what baptism was, why we are baptized, and that we were giving her the opportunity to be baptized. We left her house that day overjoyed by her decision to follow Jesus in believer’s baptism the following week.

Having the opportunity to baptize another believer was incredible. There was so much joy that day as we watched our new sister step deeper into obedience to Christ. I continue to be encouraged each time we go to Heidy’s home to study with her. 

God is so good and faithful. He is gracious in opening houses of peace and bringing us to people of peace to minister for His kingdom. 

Prayer requests: 

  • That the team and I would have wisdom in how we rest and refill. 

  • For our time in the Harvest. That the people we meet will have a passion to continue learning about and serving Jesus. 

Song Encouragement: 

  • Jubilee, Acercame, by Maverick City Worship

  • There is a Peace, Deep and Wide by Harvest 

  • Open Space by Housefires

  • Nothing I Hold Onto by Will Reagan and United Pursuit 

Gracia y Paz, 

Cassidy Green.

 Dear Family and Supporters, 

I am so sorry it has been a while since I have sent out a new update. The weeks here in Guatemala have been absolutely amazing. I am so excited to share a little of what has been going on!  

Logistical Update: 

I have arrived safely in Guatemala! On Friday the 29th of January. I am currently living with the Global Year team and Field Directors here in Guatemala until mid-June. We live in a town called San Antonio Aguas Calientes located about 20 minutes outside of Antigua, and about an hour outside of Guatemala City. The team of students consists of four girls and four boys plus another intern - my twin - Mary. I love them all so very much and I am thankful to be able to spend time with them! My field directors' names are Richard and Lauree Hayden. They have two children here in Guatemala named Caleb and Joshua. I am loving working with them and serving under their leadership. 

So far, these past few weeks have been incredibly busy, a little overwhelming, but so amazing. Our week begins on Sunday when we watch a virtual service. Later in the evening we go to “Bible Study” at the church plant here in San Antonio. I love church here. I am so challenged by our ministry and church being focused on equipping others to be disciples who make disciples. I know I was surrounded by that mission last year, but somehow the Lord has made it click this year. During the week, ministry picks up on Tuesday. We all take Spanish classes in the morning then have service projects in the afternoon followed by Harvest Time. Harvest Time is the designated time of the week we go out into the community to prayer walk, build relationships and are now beginning to meet and disciple people who know the Lord. On Wednesdays we spend most of the day at The Land of Hope located about 45 minutes away near the dump. This area is hot and in need of hope. The ministry there strives to help families in need of homes and food while also discipling believers. Thursday looks very similar to Tuesday but at night we go to Worship Room. I think everyone on the team looks forward to this time of the week. It is a time to refill and praise with fellow believers that is much needed during the week. On Fridays we spend most of the day aiding other ministries in whatever way we are able. Lastly, on Saturdays we begin by having a team study or training in the mornings and complete the day with playing soccer in the community. Our schedule is most certainly busy, but having a busy schedule forces us to be intentional with rest and rely on Christ for strength each day. I also thoroughly enjoy the balance of our schedule. I am thankful Richard and Lauree strived to fill our week with both service and intentional time in the Lord’s harvest. 

I am so thankful for the prayers of all of you. The Lord is working so greatly here in each one of my teammate’s hearts and in the people of San Antonio. He is so good, faithful and willing to use us if we only surrender and abide in Him. I hope to be able to send out another update soon containing more details of our lives as we learn to be disciples who make disciples. I am so beyond thankful for all of you! 

Prayer Requests: 

  • Pray for the team and I to continue serving whole-hearedly and to be surrendered.

  • Pray for the people we are discipling. That the Lord would work in their hearts in the ways we cannot. We can present information, but we cannot change their hearts. 

Songs of Encouragement: 

  • “Jubilee” and “Real Thing” by Maverick City Worship 

  • “Captured”, “Portion” and “Kindness” by Isla Vista Worship 

  • “Open Space” by Housefires

  • “Abide” by Sean Feucht

 Hello friends, family and supporters,

Logistical Update: 

January 22, 2021 Taylor, Emily, their family and I left Cape Verde. They will remain in the US to welcome a new baby to their family then return, Lord willing, to Cape Verde in August. As for me, I am currently in Georgia until Friday when I fly out to meet the Guatemala team. I have gotten yet another COVID test, gone to target, and spent my 20th birthday here in this in-between phrase of this year. I am really excited to meet the team again and work with them. I am also super excited to learn Spanish! 

Leaving Cape Verde for the second time was not easy, but the Lord really prepared my heart. I love the family He has allowed me to acquire and they will always hold a place in my heart. Cape Verde will always be a beautiful place filled with beautiful people that I have been fortunate to know and love. I loved my time in Cape Verde with the Condreys and I learned so much but I am ready to welcome the new season God has for me in Guatemala. 

Update on What I am Learning:

One thing I have been learning right now is contentment in many areas of my life. Don’t get me wrong, God’s provision is so abundant, but oftentimes my desires out way my needs. I will never forget my dad responding to me countless times after I asked for something that wasn’t a necessity with “Well, you’re old enough to where your wants won’t hurt you.” He was right. But I think this season of COVID, changing of plans and so much more has left all of us a little bit more aware of our wants and needs. The Lord is graciously teaching me that instead of looking to the future (all the time) or longing for what I do not have, I need to be present and content. Not that planning for the future is bad or that all desires for the future are bad. However, sometimes I get so caught up in the future - even goals - or unfilled desires that I am no longer able to be content in the present. The Lord is showing me that a lack of contentment in the current place he has me in can inhibit me from learning what he wants to teach me right now. Each season of life is unique, and if I am not able to seek contentment in the current season I will be distracted from what the Lord is trying to teach me. 

I am reading a really good book called The Sacred Romance by John Eldridge and Brent Curtis. First, the book is about God romancing the heart of humanity into a real, intimate relationship with himself - which is incredible. But, within this, they emphasize that if we do not trust God’s goodness, we will inevitably not trust him with our hearts. If we are not trusting God’s goodness, we will also not be content. He doesn’t owe me an explanation for the season I am in, but in his love places me and you in places, with people for a reason. I just know I have wasted so much time looking at the next hour, next day, next week, next month, next season; forfeiting the lessons and opportunities of today. I think I’m so used to hearing the phrase “God has a purpose for you!” and thinking it automatically means in the future he has a purpose, plan, lesson, or opportunity instead of applying that phrase to the current day.

The God who came down to rescue us from our sin and brokenness wants a relationship with us everyday. He wants to be present with us in every moment. He wants us to walk with him. Not run, not sit and have a coffee date, but walk with him. This is just something I am being taught right now. What does a relationship really look like with God? How do I be content and seek him daily? We serve a Great God. How often am I stuck in “Cassidy’s world” instead of concerning myself with being caught up in the relationship and will of the Creator of the Universe? 

Prayer Requests: 

  • For my heart to be prepared to join the Guatemala team.

  • For me to be present and to seek the Lord’s guidance each day.

  • For my COVID test to come back negative, and in time for my flight. 

  • For safe travels and entry into Guatemala.

Song Encouragement: 

  • “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” 

  • “Real Thing” by Maverick City Worship 

  • “Still” by Rend Collective 

  • “Washed” by UPPERROOM

  • "Oh What a Miracle" by North Point Worship

 Hello friends and family, 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I know it was probably different for everyone with smaller gatherings and perhaps a little less extravagant than usual. This was the case for me here in Cape Verde. Although it is difficult to spend Christmas away from family, I feel without being away I would not learn as much. Afterall, as one of my friends of the Guatemala team said “there’s no comfort in a growth zone, and no growth in a comfort zone.” This is true and a constant reminder to me as I am away from home. Even still, as Christmas day came and during that day I was being taught that Jesus is enough. He is enough for my comfort and joy and peace. And if Christmas is to be a celebration of Jesus’ birth, then I should not need anyone or anything else. Although this season is normally a time for family and warmth, I have often forgotten that truly this season does not “need” to be grand and filled with so many things. Longing for family was a valid feeling of mine, but I was constantly reminded that Jesus is enough. 

That being said, I did have a good and restful Christmas. The Sunday before Christmas I went to church where I spent most of my time last year. It was sweet to worship with them and even take a family picture with my pastor and his family. On that Tuesday I had a gift exchange with the tias and tios at the preschool ministry that I was really looking forward to too and it was fun and sweet. Then Christmas day I got to see Taylor and Emily’s kids open presents and have a gift exchange with them as well. Christmas this year was sweet and simple and I really enjoyed it. 

In the past week, I have had Portuguese classes, rest, some time with friends and even two opportunities to share the Gospel. First, I was able to share with Claudia, the lady I bought bananas from last year. In Cape Verde, many “banana ladies” as we call them, due to their occupation, sell fruit and other produce along the streets. Claudia sits outside a store my teammates and I used to visit at least once every week. She was always kind, asked about my family, about my day, and I was just blessed by her. The Lord laid it on my heart last weekend that I had a relationship with her, but had not shared the Gospel. So the next time I saw her I went and shared with her. She responded by saying she had accepted Christ as a result of some of the other missionaries I know sharing with her. She also encouraged me when she said her and her friend, Odete, studied the Bible together right there on the street as they  sold produce. I asked if I could come study with them and they said I could. I went back a couple days later and gave Odete (Claudia wasn’t there) a “green book.” We used to hand out these books and lead studies with them in the church ministries. One book has Genesis and the New Testament, the other book has short lessons walking though Creation to The Fall and lessons on how to have a relationship with Christ. I was able to pray with Odete and ask about when they would study together next. I hope to be able to go back and study with them and I am thankful for their faith and desire to study God’s word.  

The second opportunity I had was in my first taxi ride by myself. I got in, a little nervous, but soon Anselmo was asking me about my Christmas. He surprised me when he said Christmas was about our King, Jesus, coming. In a couple minutes he asked me how he could know Christ more. Wow, what a depiction of a “Person of Peace.” I quickly began by saying first you must accept Christ into your life through faith in Him as your Savior and Lord, and then repent of your sins. I continued to say going to church, reading your Bible and praying were the ways we are able to grow in our relationship with God. He told me he always has the desire to go to church, but because of his work, (as a taxi driver) he is usually unable to go. I tried to explain to him that church is not a building, but when other believers are gathered together. When we arrived at my house he gave me his name and number in case I needed a taxi ride. But really, more so, the Lord provided a way for me to get in contact with him. Afterall, getting in contact with a specific taxi driver would be nearly impossible had he not given me his phone number. Before he left, I gave him one of the “green book” Bibles and study books. I hope Taylor and I can reach out to him in the next few days and maybe schedule a time to study with him because he really has that desire. 

I was blown away at those two opportunities and how the Lord has grown my heart to be able to share Him. How he was faithful to provide me with words, understanding of the people I was talking to and the peace to share. I can also see how the Lord is growing my heart. I have struggled so much in the past and even still about my identity in Christ that sharing Him seemed far fetched and really scary. But he provides the faith we need. He is teaching my heart in His perfect timing and asking me to seek him and be obedient. He is gracious to teach us. To set us free from the bondage of our fears. It is quite silly of me to try to measure up somehow to a standard of faith, when really He is the one that grants all faith and growth in my heart. 

Prayer Requests: 

  • That I would continue to seek and serve the Lord everyday. But that I would not measure my service to how full my schedule is or is not. 

  • Prayer for my heart to be prepared to leave for the second time. 

Song Encouragement: 

  • “Hymn of the Ages” and “Promises” by Maverick City Worship 

  • “Home” and “Free Falling” by Dante Bowe

Graca e Paz, 

  Cassidy Green


Hello supporters, friends and family, 


I hope everyone has been having a great holiday season! It has been a crazy few weeks since my last update. Since the last time I wrote I have finished training in NC, spent some time at home with my family and returned to Cape Verde. Training finished November 17th when all the students went to Georgia to prepare to go to Guatemala. After receiving a negative COVID test, I was able to return home. It was really great to spend time with my family for a little while before returning to Cape Verde. We had Thanksgiving dinner and just spent some time together before I left. On December 3rd I flew from RDU to Boston, then after a long layover flew from Boston to Praia Cape Verde. Once I arrived in CV I was met by Taylor and Emily Condrey, the missionaries I will be staying with during my time here. 


It has almost been a little over a week since arriving here in Cape Verde. Two Sundays have passed and I was able to visit both campuses that I was familiar with last year. I loved seeing and talking to my friends and those that seem like family. I loved being in that place to worship with them again. The first week, in Terra Branka (the church I attended but not on a weekly basis) I felt comfort from hearing their singing and simply being in that building. I keep realizing the comfort I feel from either listening or seeing the people I was with last year in Cape Verde. Perhaps instead of finding comfort in a country or home, I really found comfort within teammates, my leaders and friends I met here throughout the year. I remember arriving at training that Sunday in October and Derek and Lauren arrived for a visit. It was so comforting and safe to hear Derek’s voice and to be with them and some other teammates from the past year. I felt similar seeing a friend at the preschool one day. Just seeing those I know and those who know me is so comforting when so much surrounding me seems very unknown. I can just see how much I rely on others for comfort. I know God is my Comforter, but he has also graciously given us community to comfort one another. I think I am seeing the benefit of the community he has given me. I am reminded of this in the verse from 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.” (NIV) Sometimes it is our time to comfort, but other times, it is our time to be comforted. I just think that is so cool, and such a great picture of our relationship with God. He gives to us, to that we can give unto others. That means, we are meant to comfort one another and we are meant to receive comfort. 

Overall, my time here in Cape Verde so far has been pretty calm but different than last year. I am enjoying staying with the Condreys and am excited for where God leads me as I am here. Thank you for all of your prayers, they are so appreciated. 

Song Encouragement: 

  • “Free Falling,” “Potter and Friend” and “Home” by Dante Bowe 

  • “He Understands” by Chandler Moore

  • “Promises,” “To You” and “Hymn of the Ages” by Maverick City Worship


Graca e paz, 

Cassidy Green.

 Good afternoon friends and family. 

I miss you all but I am so excited to share what God has been doing here in Forest City. For those who do not know, I have been in Forest City, NC for about four weeks for training and will be here for one more week. After these few weeks of training, I will be heading to Cape Verde until January. Then I will finish up my intern year with Global Year in Guatemala. Logistically, it has been crazy to plan this year but God has been providing every step of the way and still is! A few weeks ago the Cape Verdean border opened to commercial flights and passports for my leaders are back. Tickets are the next step, but for now I am literally soaking in all I can in this training. 

Quite honestly, I did not want to come to training here in NC. Mostly for two reasons: it is not Cape Verde, and I was scared of the spiritual things that could be stirred inside myself. But, if I could shortly sum up what God has been teaching me it would lead to this verse: 2 Timothy 1:7 "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." God has been revealing to me what faith and a relationship with him is actually like. Contrary to my belief (or really my practice) for many years, it is not filled with fear or anxiety but God desires a relationship filled with love and peace. One where he calls us deeper and deeper by him and for him each and everyday. This realization began at the beginning of this year when God started to reveal lies I have believed in my walk with him that have robbed me of freedom, peace and joy. This has continued since my time here in training. But, he has not given me a spirit of fear but the person of Holy Spirit. He has revealed freedom and a depth of a relationship for my teammates and I that I did not realize. He has dug up some insecurities, but he has shown me and my teammates that it is in his mercy and grace that he reveals darkness to be overcome with His light. In his mercy, He desires all of us to live in a real, everyday relationship with him. Not to follow do's and don'ts, but to have communion and a friend. Not to live in the past, but to live in newness and life. Some may be thinking, "Cassidy, people have told you that your whole life." But, yet, here I am learning it seemingly for the first time. The Sovereignty of God is truly amazing. He knew I was not ready to receive the teachings of these two weeks even a month ago. He gives perfect timing for learning. I am so excited for this team and what God has in store. He is breaking chains. He is revealing himself anew to all of us and I am in awe of how he has moved in these short weeks. 

Many people asked me what I would be doing here in NC for training and at the time I did not really know. However, we're here and we are quite busy. Our days begin by spending time with the Lord from 8:00-9:00 then we have a morning session of training either with a book called The Spirit Walk or a curriculum called "Salt." After lunch, two days a week we prayer walk in two communities seeking opportunities to build relationships and share Christ. Other days we have language or culture training. In the evenings we have commitments to church or rest. Finally, on Saturday we have our Sabbath and rest. Practicing Sabbath has been such a blessing. Learning to really stop and refill is something I am learning is really important. That sums up most of our week and although it is a little crazy at times, I am excited for learning more and growing with this team. 

Prayer Requests: 

- Pray for continual growth in the team. For our spiritual walks and for unity. 

- Pray for our team as the "honeymoon phase" is over. We will need to be continually learning to love each other well and how to live together in respect. 

- Pray for our hearts to be prepared to leave. 

Song Encouragement: 

I kinda want to share some songs that have really been encouraging me these past few weeks. I am being reminded of the communion music brings me to God and to other people. Specifically, singing with my leader Caleb has been really special. He was in Cape Verde as a leader for a short time and I have missed singing with my team in simple praise. I am so thankful for the times he has given me to worship simply with teammates and leaders. Here are just some songs that have been so encouraging to me that I would love to share: 

From Maverick City Worship: 

"Have My Heart"

"Closer" - the newest album featuring Brandon Lake

"The Story I'll Tell"


By Brandon Lake: 

- "Gratitude" 

- "Wild For Me"

- "Lost In Your Love"

I am so thankful for the support I have from home. I am so blessed to have family and friends that love me and love the Lord. I miss ya'll, but I am so excited for what this year holds. 

Graca e paz, 

Cassidy Green.

The Lord is SO Faithful!

The past week has been really good and relatively normal (normal weeks have been in short supply this year). My teammates went to Pepe, English classes, Bible studies, Home school, and other regular ministries on our schedule which was really nice. This week one of my teammates, Jess, and I noticed God's faithfulness in our ministries and the fruit He is allowing us see in this part of our trip and I would just like to tell you all about some of things were are seeing.
First, in one of my favorite ministries, basketball, a guy that has been consistently coming to our study received Christ one night after our study. John Michelle, the man who started basketball ministry in this zone, talked with Alex one night after our study and in the end Alex received Christ. That alone is amazing but this past week as I sat at basketball ministry and observed Alex I could see that he is changing. His demeanor was lighter and his eyes a little brighter and I am so thankful for what the Lord is doing in his life. At Skola Di Vida, a place my teammates and I teach English, we were having some difficulty with a boy who although is incredibly smart, he would not listen, would sometimes not do his work, and who was just hard headed. Some of the kids we teach have really difficult home lives, and although it is frustrating during class as we teach and they do not act respectfully sometimes, we must remember that we do not know everything that they are going through and we must pray to have grace with them everyday. Never the less, this boy we had difficulty with this past week was completely different. A few weeks ago I felt like he would not look me in the eyes or listen but this week I noticed him looking me in the eyes, listening, participating and it was really beautiful. Next, in the zone we do house studies with outside the city ("na fora"), as they call it, we are seeing a lot of growth. With one study it was simply that it felt more like group studying God's word instead of just teaching, in one the teaching touched a woman's heart and she wants us to start a study in her home, and in another the girl we are meeting with is asking questions and seeking after the Lord. Lastly, the Lord is showing himself faithful in my teammates lives as we are looking to what next year holds. He is giving direction and opening doors for our futures and we are thankful to see Him guide us and excited to see where he leads us in new phases of life. There are a few other testaments of God's faithfulness from our team and ministries but these are a few I have noticed over the past week. God is so faithful and so good. As Jess realized and shared with me this past week, we may have had a really rough beginning with tears and lots adapting but the Lord is graciously allowing us to see some fruit from our time here and I just wanted to share a little bit of what the Lord is showing us here in Cape Verde.

Please continue to pray for our team as we seek the Lord and strive to be a vessel for Him. Also for our minds to be present here this week during ministry as we are beginning to plan for next year and our next steps. We love it here, but sometimes it is hard to not be consumed with home trying to make plans for next year. We need to be praying to be present everyday and to ask God to help our focus to be here. Another prayer request would be for the Italy team that is here with us. As many people may know, the corona virus has impacted Italy and that impacts the team here as they have plans to return to Italy in late April.
- Two times in the past two days I have heard a message about how the Lord has created a time for everything under the sun. Although this is a great comfort, it reminds me of the trust we must put in the Lord for the Italy team, our time here, next year and more. Pray that my team and I will trust the Lord and His timing for this year and the next.

Long Time No Skreve


It has been a really long time since I've written a blog and I'm sorry for that. In the past couple of months a lot has happened. Lots of laughs, lots of new experiences, lots of lessons of which I am very thankful for. The Lord has truly blessed me with five months (so far) filled with learning and growth. Over the past few weeks I am seeing some lessons the Lord is teaching me, and just how he has allowed me to experience new things for His glory. I feel like I am constantly learning of God's sovereignty and being reminded that I really can rest in His plan. Even the struggles I have he knows, and it is really comforting to know He has a plan for everything. It is also comforting to know that God reveals struggles and allows us to go through difficult or stressful times so he can teach us more about himself, ourselves, and others. The past couple of months have been really full leading to some stress, but a lot of growth and fun.  Full of new things like the Italy team joining us here in Cape Verde, new additions to my schedule, and new island experiences.

The Global Year team from Italy has joined us here in Cape Verde for 90 days due to their visa only allowing them to remain in Italy for 90 days at a time and leave the country for 90 days in order to return. There are seven of them including their leader, two girls, five boys - evening out our original seven girls and two boys but I really love them so much!! They arrived January 8th and since they have arrived our teams have truly meshed and we are a really big family. It has been so amazing to introduce them to Cape Verde and share our experiences and skills to work together to serve the Lord. They have challenged our team to bond and explore more as they are really close and love to be adventurous. One really obvious way they have helped us here in Cape Verde is just the simple fact that because our team has grown, our ministry opportunities have grown as well. We are involved in a couple more house studies, another English class and other opportunities. I am really thankful to have the Italy team here. It is really nice to have other people in the same stage of life as you, experiencing the same thing as you so that you can grow and learn from each other.

With the Italy team's arrival, my schedule changed and I am now focusing on teaching English with Jonathan, and Emerson, from Italy, and Jacob who has been in Cape Verde. This has been a challenge but defiantly a blessing. I have loved getting to know my teammates, new and old, better and learning how to organize and execute a basic English class. We teach Tuesday through Friday in two locations: ICCA, and Skola di Vida. We have been teaching in Skola di Vida for a few months now and will continue but classes at ICCA are new and are going really well. So far our focus has been on teaching them some basic, using songs and some fun interactive games, along with ending our classes with a Bible story to teach them about Jesus.

One last new thing has been the opportunity I had to go on a short term trip to the island called Brava. Brava means "wild" or "untamed" and it is exactly that. The island is mountainous and beautiful and also known for it's flowers. This is the smallest island in Cape Verde and has a very small population and an even smaller population of believers. Although the island was the first reached with the gospel, there are few true believers and only a Catholic church, and a Nazarene church present on the Island. A few teammates and I, two of our Pastors, Judjuka and her husband from Brava and another woman from our church set out for Brava on a five hour boat ride. We arrived safely and with a mission that we would visit Judjuka's family, do house visits/evangelism and just try to sow seeds and water seeds that have been sowed. Our trip was only four days including travel, but it was a really special time. I was humbled by the people's openness and hospitality, and walked in awe at how our pastor sang with us and how he easily recounted Bible stories in homes. Our time at Brava was sweet, and uncomfortable, but we got to see how the Lord is working in their hearts. We were able to witness a few people coming to Christ and encourage those who are already believers. I left feeling full, yet challenged that my faith needed to grow and thankful for the time I got to spend with my team and leaders. My favorite part was spending time with my Pastors, Pastor Manuel and Pastor Scho. They are so strong and lead with such joy yet with an ferverence for the Gospel and Jesus. I am really thankful to have been able to spend time talking with them, singing, and just walking with them.

 Please be praying for Brava. The people there do not really have leaders other than themselves to grow in their faith. Pray that a fire would start in their hearts to share what they know and a fire to grow in God's word and their relationship with Him. Please also be praying for my team as we continue to mesh, work and grow together.

Full Schedule, Full Weekend

Hello! Thankful for all the prayers and support from back home as I miss my family and friends during the Christmas season. It really is almost Christmas, but it really does not feel like it most of the time. There is a little Christmas tree on our kitchen table and in the living room, some Christmas lights in the town, but Christmas is not advertised as it is in America. In America around this time of year everything surrounds Christmas but it just is not the same here. I miss the Christmas feel of home some, but for the most part it's surprisingly okay. I think because everything has changed the idea of Christmas not being the same as it has been in the past has just been adapted in my mind. I miss home some, but this is a season that the Lord has been giving me peace and contentment in which is a blessing. Our schedule for the past couple of weeks has been changing and full, but our ministries have been good and we are being challenged in new ways like teaching in Kriolu, meeting new people, and will continue to be challenged more and more.
This past weekend my team and I had the opportunity to witness two important events: a wedding, and baptism Sunday.  
Saturday my team and I had a special opportunity to witness the first wedding in a village called Ribonegua in the interior of the Island. The wedding was in the village church, decorated with banana leaves and other green plants and participants of the wedding wore red and white. It was beautiful and simple. my favorite part of the wedding was the vows as the bride and groom repeated the vow Ruth made to Naomi. I had never heard of these vows being said at a wedding but I thought it was so beautiful and strong. It was cool to witness a wedding in another country, and I loved spending time with my team that day. 
Sunday my team and I went to baptism Sunday! I loved the whole day! First a few of my teammates and I went to pick up people, then we arrived at the beach Gamboa. It always brings me joy to see our friends from the churches and I am thankful I got to see everyone yesterday. We began, praised the Lord, then headed to the ocean for baptisms. They took people down to the water two or three at a time and baptized. We stood on the shore and watched or praised the Lord with variations of singing, clapping and of course some dancing. I love the way they worship. It is not just a song to them, it is joy and a way of fellowship and this moment was no different. As the baptisms concluded, we went back to our seats. A pastor preached a short sermon on baptism  and shortly after we took communion. I thought taking communion right after baptisms was beautiful as it seemed to really emcapture the new baptized believers into Christ's family. The day was great and was a celebration even in the heat and sunburn that was a result of being outside.

Late Thanksgiving Update:

Hello! Happy (late) Thanksgiving!!! I know I was not home for Thanksgiving, but our time here was so sweet for thanksgiving. All the American missionary families got together and had a huge, yummy Thanksgiving meal that was awesome! I had a blast as we ate, introduced our friend Michael to his first thanksgiving, played games and got to know everyone a little better. I was apprehensive about the holidays because of the nostalgia the season brings as going through the holidays without my family will be difficult but my team and I have gained such an amazing, loving Cape Verdean family. The Lord has truly blessed us with sweet friends and I am so thankful. 
The past couple of weeks have been smooth ministry wise, a little bumpy emotionally and spiritually but the Lord is still good. I have become involved in a soccer ministry in the morning that I have really enjoyed the past couple of weeks. It has been a great way to start my day with energy and movement along with being another way to be an example for Christ and build new relationships. 
My team and I had a special opportunity to eat lunch in a home where we have a Bible study yesterday. They invited us over for lunch and we had a great time of fellowship before the meal was ready. We played some Bible trivia and sang a lot of songs in order to wait for the meal but this time was great to just spend time with our friends. Having lunch in their home seemed to take our relationship a little deeper which was sweet and special. When the lunch was ready, we ate a delicious meal then began our Bible study. Although it may have been a bit of a long day because we went to lunch right after church, I could tell our relationship with those friends grew deeper and I am excited to how we will all continue to grow this year. I am so thankful for how these people love us as they are kind and warm and genuinely study God’s word even in such a simple home setting. 

Prayer Requests: 

  • The holiday season as it will be busy here and my team and I will be dealing with different emotions as we are away from home. 
  •  That this week would be focused on the eternal mission and not just going through the motions;
    relying and looking to God this week constantly in my ministry. 
  •  For my team and I to continue to grow in our language skills and grow in confidence to practice and speak. 
  •  Growing relationships this week.

This Week is Thanksgiving
Hey! The past few weeks have really flown by and I can hardly believe this week is thanksgiving (meaning Christmas is approaching soon!) I am so blessed to be here in Cape Verde to see God here in the lives of these people. God has also been teaching my team and I so much about who He is and who he has created us to be. I am excited for the time to come and I am so thankful to be here building relationships and watching the Lord work, and watching the Lord teach all of us.

Even in difficulty, God is our comfort.
Even in doubt, God gives us faith and grace.
He is a good God, showing grace to us constantly.

Praise the Lord!

  Family and Supporters,  I hope everyone has had a good week! I apologize for not writing as often as I would like but I am so thankful to ...