Almost Two Months

My team and I have been in Cape Verde for almost two months!!! It is crazy to think Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even parent week are coming very soon. The past couple of weeks have been full and a little crazy. We have begun to be a part of a new ministry: Eschola de Vida (school of life) where my team and I will take turns teaching English lessons to children on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I am excited for this experience and challenge. It is fun to teach, but also a challenge to prepare and communicate what you are teaching well. I am excited to make relationships with these children and help them learn as they also help us learn Kriolu. Our days at Pepe this week have been smooth as we continue to learn from our Tias and grow in our relationship with our kids. They are sweet and it is becoming easier and easier to understand them each week.
I have really enjoyed our basketball ministry on Tuesdays. We go out, play basketball for an hour or so then have a Bible study where we play a game, sing some songs, and teach God's word. This past week I loved playing and guarding my friend Ashlyn. I also really enjoyed the opportunity I had this week to teach the lesson for the Bible study. The lesson was one The Israelites rejecting God as their king, but how we should trust in him as our king and in his faithfulness and goodness to take care of us during our lives. 

Prayer Requests: 
- Health for my teammates as many people have been sick over the past couple weeks. 
- The enemy has been trying to hinder my team's ministries but we just need to keep going, and not let him steal our joy.

November 7, 2019

Loving These People

This has been a great week! Our weeks are beginning to fly by and it is crazy to think it is almost November! This week was filled with Pepe preschool ministry, spending time with our friends that are quickly becoming family, and learning the language.
Our daily ministry at Pepe this week was very good. Although we mostly just help out where we can, as the language becomes easier and our relationship with the kids are growing, spending time with them becomes more enjoyable and easy. They are sweet (most of the time) and being there for them in the morning is a sweet ministry.
Some of the sweetest parts of the week for me are spending time with the friends we have here in Cape Verde. Most of them are currently from the church, but spending time with them and getting to know them allows us to be more at home here. One of the best ways we spend time with our friends is worship practice on Friday nights and this week we had practice on Saturday as well. I look forward to this time because we grow closer to the people in the church each week at practice and learn more Portuguese/Creole from the songs we sing. I have enjoyed being part of the worship team at our church in Sao Filipe as we learn new songs each week, some of which we know in English and some we do not, but each week we make a stronger relationship with members of the church that are key parts in the church ministry. Learning and practicing the songs also has helped us pick up more of the language in an easy yet effective way. I also, of course, just love to sing and think singing is fun in another language.
Language has really been coming along. Although my speaking is not great, I am beginning to understand at least pieces of what is being said. A prayer request here would be that when we are in situations to listen to Creole or Portuguese that we would really listen and stay focused because that is a hard task sometimes. We currently have Creole class two times a week on Tuesday and Friday but honestly being in situations where people are speaking Creole around my team and I helps us learn I think as well as class. Learning the language has been a challenge but I have really enjoyed it especially since communicating is becoming easier and easier each week.
In the upcoming week my team and I will be involved in teaching some English and PE classes in Pepe a couple days a week. This will be a new challenge, but I know we just need to pray, prepare, and do our best. We will also be involved in teaching English at the "eschola di vida" (school of life) in zone 4 of Praia. I am excited for this but at the same time do not feel quite ready. I know there will be new challenges this week, but they are simply things that my team and I will need to trust the Lord with daily. (which is easier said than done)

Prayer Requests:
- preparing for our teaching responsibilities
- staying focused on ministry here
- taking every opportunity
These past couple of weeks have been great!!! We are beginning to have more ministry and are forming more relationships with the people at the churches which makes being here sweet. Last week was not quite as busy or eventful as this week, but this week has been awesome! Last Saturday  my team and I went with Brazilian missionaries (that are here for 15 days) to evangelize in an area called "zone four." Although we did not do much talking, it was cool to see evangelism here and observe the the gospel being introduced to new people. I have loved working with the Brazilians this week. They work very hard and are here to do whatever they can. Although they do not speak Creole, they do speak Portuguese which people understand and most can speak. The rest of this week has been more normal as we are beginning to get involved in ministries here. We worked in Projecto Pepe this week which is our preschool ministry we work in from Tuesday to Friday 8:00-12:00. We have mostly helped manage kids, play with them, and just assist in any way we can but this upcoming week we will begin to have responsibilities like teaching a little bit of English and teaching PE. Tuesday nights we are currently involved in a basketball ministry that I have come to love. I never thought I would like basketball but I really do! We play basketball for a while then have a Bible study in a neighborhood. I have enjoyed basketball even though I have never really played before. It is a new experience but is just fun. Thursday I was involved in a follow-up Bible study in a home in zone four. Again another new experience, but I thought it went very well. People from my church, Pastor Elton, and a girl named Ana and I entered a man's house and discussed sanctification. Pastor Elton and Ana walked through a paper discussing sanctification after becoming a believer. How this is a process we all walk through daily with the Lord. Although the study was in Creole or Portuguese and some of it may have been translated to me, I really loved it. It was also encouraging to be able to pick up some of the language while being there or being able to read some of the devotional paper when Pastor Elton asked me too. Every sentence or few words I can understand during the day is a small victory and I love it! I have enjoyed learning a new language even though it is frustrating at times. Getting back to this week, Friday part of my team and I participated in worship practice for our team. Jess played guitar, Kyle played some piano and Lindsey and I sang. I am excited to be making friends with the people involved in worship and to be involved closely in their worship on Sundays. Saturday, the team and I went to participate in a mini-Olympics where kids came to a home in zone four and we had organized games that corresponded with them learning John 3:16 and the salvation bracelet colors. This ministry was fun, dusty, and left me sunburn. This was one of the main times this week we worked with the missionaries from Brazil which has been a joy this week. Today we went to church, ate lunch, then went to the interior of the island for another church service. The interior of the island is a little over an hour drive but it is beautiful. Although the Island is usually brown, right now it is green because we have had rain making the view today amazing. Church was good, I did not understand the message but that is okay. You can still see the people genuinely worship and see how they interact with each other and us. Their greetings are so warm here with hugs and kisses. One interesting story from today: while in the interior, we entered the home of one of our friend's mom's home where we were offered food. The piece of food I picked up being pig ear. I took a bite, nawed on it, and when they were not looking gave the piece to our friend Michael and put the piece of pig ear in my pocket that I had attempted to eat. We were only in that home for a few minuets, but it was definatley a new experience that I am sure will happen again.  are so many new experiences that I enjoy and of course some that are hard or uncomfortable. It is all a learning experience and I know God will be teaching my team and I how to trust him for faith, patience, and how to trust him for each day as we miss home and are sometimes uncomfortable or stressed. I am excited for this year as I become friends with people here, learn the language and know God will grow me this year.

Week 2: Adjusting is Hard

The past couple of weeks have been exciting yet challenging. It certainly has not been easy to move somewhere new where so much has changed at one time. Although it is exciting, it has taken a toll emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Thankfully the Lord is good and he is always here to sustain my team and I everyday. There is no way to completely prepare to move to another country; likewise, there is no way to fully explain what these past couple of weeks have felt like. I know this year is going to be hard but I am so excited to grow. There is no growth without hardship, so I'm excited to see how God is going to teach my team and I how to trust Him in new ways throughout this year.
Throughout the past two weeks my team and I have really just barely dipped our toes into life in here in Cape Verde. We have had Creole lessons, which have been challenging but fun. Creole is a simple language similar to Portuguese meaning it is also similar to Spanish in some aspects. Luckily I have been able to make some connections between Creole and Spanish to ease the learning process. I am very excited to learn Creole and possibly Portuguese and am hoping the inability to communicate to locals here will fuel a fire to study the language. 
We are beginning to start ministry including our main preschool ministry called Pepe. My team and I have been split between two church locations: Terra Branka and Sao Filipe. I will be working with the Sao Filipe team and be involved in their church and Pepe location. The other half of the team will be involved in their church and Pepe location in Terra Branka. I have only visited our Pepe location for one day but this week, as we begin our normal schedule, I will go Tuesday through Friday. We will also be involved in a basketball ministry one night a week where we will go play basketball for a couple hours then have a devotion. These are couple of ministry opportunities of which I am sure more will come throughout this year. My team and I have visited both church locations and have begun to make relationships with the people here. Church here is a challenge right now due to the fact that we do not know the language well enough to really be able to follow a sermon. (other than to follow the scripture and try to listen but it is hard to stay focused when you do not understand) Worship is by far my favorite part of church. Almost half of the songs we know the English version making worship special and easier but their songs in Creole or Portuguese that we do not know are amazing too! They love to sing, clap, and dance in their worship which I think is so beautiful. We were able to go to an event that happens monthly where the different church location come together for worship this past Saturday night. I think it was my favorite thing we have done so far. It was so different but incredible. We sang, we clapped, we danced and we had an amazing time even though the songs were not in English. That night was amazing and I would go over and over again. 
These past couple weeks have been hard, and I have been homesick. But I know I am going to have to learn and adapt to being in a new place and learn to trust the Lord in many, many ways. Please continue to pray for my team as we continue to bond and begin to be immersed in this culture and ministry. Also pray for our faith to grow as we trust God daily.  

We're Here!!!

Hello! Just here to give a short update on what my trip has consisted of so far. The first real beginning of this trip was saying bye to my parents at orientation this past Saturday. It was a hard goodbye, but filled with trust and peace for this trip from the Lord. Immediately after saying bye to our parents, my team and I began our drive to the Boston airport. We made a pit stop in Rutherford county for the night and after going to church, got right back in the van to arrive at the Boston airport at five a.m. This was followed by a 6 1/2 hour flight to Cape Verde where we arrived around 6:30. Needless to say, we had a long few days.
Things have slowed down today, as we have unpacked, bonded, and spent the day together and my team is amazing! I know we are not have an incredible year serving the Lord and each other this year. My first impression of this country is that it is beautiful and hot, but that it holds exciting potential for this year. The language here is Kreole, a mixed language that I am super excited to learn. It is a simple language but still challenging because it is not a Latin language. I am excited for the challenge of the language, heat, and ministry. Not the most poetic blog post, but just a simple update of where my team and I are at our first full day in our new home.
Prayer Requests:

  • Continuing bonding with the team
  • Spiritual attacks
  • Courage for ministry

The Week Of:

Hello! My name is Cassidy Green and this Friday I will begin my journey "across the pond" to Cape Verde for nine months. Instead of going to college right after high school, I was led to take a year abroad to serve the Lord through a program called Global Year. Over the next year I will participate in multiple ministry opportunities such as working in a preschool, a local church, and striving to reach the lost in our area through local evangelism.
I have been so fortunate to have a beloved church family along with other family and friends that have supported and prayed for this year. I am truly indebted to you all. This year will be full of memories, growth, and so much more and I can't wait to cherish some of it with everyone in this blog!

Almost Two Months

My team and I have been in Cape Verde for almost two months!!! It is crazy to think Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even parent week are coming...